Don't worry. We're not making a Chris Christie Action Figure.

But for the rest of this year, we are going to donate $1 from every Prison Suit Trump to Chris Christie's Campaign.

Why would we do that?

Just watch this moment from last night's debate...


To be clear, we don't want this guy to be our President. We still remember who was the first person to join Trump's cabinet in 2017. But after seeing this we feel like it matters to keep him around as long as possible in this election cycle because people who watch Fox News need to be hearing this stuff.

Plus we needed to find a cause for this figure that Trump would really loathe and we're pretty sure this will do the trick. 



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I've already received my lil orange bastard, but if this scheme also applies to earlier purchases of said lil orange bastards, I fully endorse it.

To those who are put off by the idea: Christie has no chance of winning the Republican primary, but he's telling the Republican voter, and very importantly, the ignorant and lazy minded independent who might vote Republican, exactly what we need them to hear.

Republicans win because they will shamelessly use whatever dirty tricks will get them wins. It's past time for our side to be more creative in our strategies, and come down off our high horses with the "oh, I could never."

As for owning a supervillain: While one would take great care to keep one's heroic action figures in pristine condition, it's nice to have one or two that one can play with (in this case, the full Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo/CIA black site treatment 😉🫴 💦🤬💦 ⚡️🤬⚡️).

Paul Blair

The only trump figure I have allowed in my house was given to me. It's a creepy, naked little troll-like creature who is consistently being thumped by RBG's gavel. And the other action figures do take turns joining in from time to time. Not a fan of Christie, but he is doing a great job exposing trump and his enablers. I also would contribute a tiny amount to keep Christie's barrage churning.


I don't see my $1 doing Chris Christy any good. I'm more inclined to send him a personal note of encouragement. I don't want a supervillain action figure around my house. Bad juju.


Yup. Great idea.


Same. Set up a separate option for us to donate bc I can’t give money that sees a trump figure showing up at my house.


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