No Black Friday for You!

If we were having a Black Friday Sale this year, we definitely would have had the good taste to wait until Friday to announce it. But since we're not having one, we had to tell you about it today.

That's right. We've canceled our Black Friday Sale.

So, why are we telling you on Monday that we're not having a sale on Friday? Stick with us here. We're about to put our money where our mouth is.

We canceled Black Friday because we're replacing it with a Thanksgiving drive. And the reason we're telling you now, is that we want to raise as much money as possible!

For the next seven days, we will will donate $2 from every order to the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.

They're the largest soup kitchen in New York City. As you can imagine, the demand there has gone through the roof this year and they're doing their best to keep up.

Their weekly average pantry meals served increased from 840 meals per week in 2019 to an astonishing 22,000 meals per week this year!

For reference, according to their site, $15 buys a Thanksgiving meal for five, $28 can feed someone for all of December and $336 would be enough to feed a hungry New Yorker for a whole year.

Wanna help?

You can donate directly, right here. Or you can buy something.


With your help, we raised $4,148 for the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen! 




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