Say Yes to Pelosi's Dress!

When last we spoke, you were helping us choose a non-profit cause to align with the Pelosi Action Figure. That was a noble pursuit. Today's mission is more of a guilty pleasure.

Let's decide what Nancy will wear when she makes her action figure debut!

As you can see, the dress has already been sculpted (sorry pantsuit people -- it was time for a change) and the choice we're now faced with is which color it will be. 

Be forewarned, it's easier said than done. Nancy has a way of making every color look iconic.

The options are below. You've seen the first one before but the rest are all brand new. When you get to the bottom, you'll be able to cast your vote. 


1. Flamingo Pink

2. Jet Black

3. Deep Blue

Deep Blue

4. Ivory

5. Bright Red

6. Magenta

7. Sky Blue

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