Want to be an Ambassador?

It's easier than you'd think. 

We've been working on this concept for a while and are excited to share it with you. It starts with a conundrum. We've been looking for ways to build our community more organically, instead of relying on Facebook and Google to introduce us to the world.

We think you are the answer. 

As an ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to earn rewards for yourself while helping us thrive. All you have to do is share our existence with your friends.

You'll get rewards. Your friends will get discounts. Everyone will get a laugh and our community will grow. It's a virtuous circle! And we've put together the system to make it all work.

There's no catch here. All those Facebook and Google ads aren't free for us. We just figure, if we're going to pay for introductions, we might as well share the pie with our community rather than some tech giants.

Okay, so here's how it works:

1. Click the link below

2. Sign-up

3. Share your personal link with friends

4. They'll get $10 off their first order

5. You'll get a $10 coupon once they place their order

6. Repeat! 


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Thanks for you product. I started with Obama, then Bernie and Hillary in 2016 then added the Pope and more recently RBG, Liz, and finally Joe, Kam, and AOC.

(Must admit I picked up a Drumpf too: but only so I could stick pins in him. Actually, I wanted to put him in stripes or an orange jump suit.)

Now I want to get the Doc and Nancy. They come with masks. Is there any way to mask up my previous heros?

I’ve lined them up on my shelf from Left to Right (literally) starting with AOC and ending with the Pope. Donald doesn’t make the cut.

Please let me know if i can get extra masks. And also when some other action heros might be available. (Mayor Pete? Stacey? etc.)


I’ve lined them up on my shelf from Left to Right (literally). Starting with Bernie and

steve charney

Seeing is believing. How the essence of a famous person’s character can still exist after being miniaturized is something to behold !

Ingrid Hemphill

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