Elizabeth Warren Action Figure


Nevertheless, She Persists

Selfie queen. Woman with a plan. Ok, all the plans. Liz doesn't hold back when it comes to taking on the evil cheeto with her trusty golden, Bailey, by her side. Now you can her by your side.

The Art Part

The Elizabeth Warren Action Figure was carefully sculpted by our good friend Mike Leavitt, a Seattle-based artist and activist. Like Mike's fine art pieces, the figures are one part product and one part social commentary, exploring who we idolize in contemporary culture and how we do it. 

The Details:

  • 6" Tall
  • Picture perfect. Stands on any flat surface and can be posed for any occasion.
  • Ages 3+

Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Andrea Fein
Love Elizabeth

Elizabeth Warren figure looks just like Elizabeth Warren. We don’t leave our figures in boxes, we put them in the windows that face our sidewalk. People walking by like seeing their poses, and like the addition of Elizabeth and Nancy, to Joe and Kamala. Thanks!

Jerrell Dean
My favorite Senator!

This one is wonderfully made, and I’m glad that she’s a part of my collection. Thank you All!

Molly Logan

A spot-on likeness. Excited to add her to my collection!

Michelle Amshay
Elizabeth Warren

Great likeness of her

Tamera Smith
Elizabeth Warren, my newest member

HUGE fan of these "action figures", Elizabeth Warren just the latest addition to an ever growing collection of greats! Look forward to my next 'appointment'. :)

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