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Nancy Joins the GROUP

Nancy joins the group of a small collection of the FCTRY figures I have. I was so happy when her character was produced. It is high quality and as unique and special as she is!

I bought 4 Fauci to use for target practice 🤘

Dr Fauci

The 'Doctor' arrived promptly and is in very good shape ... thanks for bringing him back to life :)

Joe Biden Action Figure
Christina D. Page
Love My Action Figures!

I have purchaed Biden, Harris, Abrams, Fauci, RBG and Warren. I have puchaed for my son and great-nieces. Real life heros!

Love Elizabeth

Elizabeth Warren figure looks just like Elizabeth Warren. We don’t leave our figures in boxes, we put them in the windows that face our sidewalk. People walking by like seeing their poses, and like the addition of Elizabeth and Nancy, to Joe and Kamala. Thanks!

Absolutely Fabulous!!!

The perfect gift! Strikingly crafted! Our friends love them. Thank you!!!

Another wonderful FCTRY action figure

Nancy joins a collection of her friends that remind us of the heros working to save our democracy.

RBG Enamel Pin
Patricia Bany

The RBG Pin has a wonderful iconic likeness of the Supreme Court Justice. I like the square, portrait shape of the pin. I wear it on the lapel of my winter jacket!

Remembering Greatness

My granddaughters love these figures of admirable leaders in public life of the USA. They will have the Speaker’s figure standing with Dr Fauci and RBG.

Inspiration in action

She’s powerful in her pink sheath and high heels! Incredibly powerful woman, I’m proud to have her stand next to RBG in my action figure collection.

Nancy Pelosi Action Figure
Andrea Miskiewicz
All that and more

Just got my Nancy Pelosi figure and couldn't be more happy. She looks like a boss. Looks like Nancy and I love the choice of clothing AND accessories. FCTRY rules!

Great inspiration

Having Nancy nearby is always inspiring.

Nancy Pelosi

Good depiction of Ms. Pelosi. Arrived timely.

The Doctor is in

Great likeness of a great man. Brave enough to stand up to 45. The first I've bought that I didn't give as a gift but kept for myself.

Pelosi Figure

Received item as promised - very satisfied. Thanks!

All terrific

I love their attention to detail. Our latest addition is Nancy…pink mask and all. She joins a small club on our shelf…excellent craftsmanship in all of the figurines. Looking forward to a few more.

Always superior items and service

These are some hard working, awesome people.
They work diligently on creating their figures.
They will address quickly any issues.
I will support them in whatever they do.

Good Company!

Nancy has joined the group on my mantle ...Elizabeth, Ruth, Obama, Dr. Fauci, Bernie, and President Biden are pleased to make room for her.

Nancy Pelosi Action Figure
suzanne fortenberry

Perfect addition to my awesome women collection.

My collection of heroes will never be complete but welcoming Nancy to the shelf is a great step forward. I was disappointed at the initial delay but I'm sure that was just a matter FCTRY underestimating her popularity. Now it's time to rerelease the Hillary Clinton figure who missed getting her the first time!


When I ordered this I was informed that it was in stock, then, it really wasn't. Several months later I eventually got it. The item is fine. I don't think it needs the COVID mask with it.

She is masterful!

Nancy is gorgeous and a welcome addition to my heroine collection that includes the RBG and Hillary figures. Love her!

Joe and Nancy

Got Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi figures for my granddaughters. 8, 13 and 15. They love them! Educating the younger generation. Already had purchased Kamala and Ruth for them!

Nancy Pelisi was well worth the wait after seeking out so quickly.

She is a lovely figure to add to my collection and as a late Christmas present for my BFF. The details, to include her gavel, are just great!

Thrilled with my Nancy Pelosi Action Figure

Love all my FCTRY Action Figures. And now, what a treat having Nancy Pelosi’s action figure, including her Speaker’s gavel (a wonderful touch the pays tribute to her) added to my roster. Delightful.