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Received notice this morning that Stacy is on her way! She may be here by Sat Aug 6! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

Nancy is in the House! My house!

Not certain why I put off inviting Nancy to join my FCTRY collection of personal heros, but she's here now!
And she looks fabulous --- especially in her special blue dress with her speaker's mace brooch!

I Dissent T-Shirt
Karen Nash
If there was ever a time, this is it!

The message, of course, is the main reason I bought the shirt. On top of that, I'm impressed with the quality of the cotton jersey, which has a soft, friendly "hand." As someone with a hypersensitive sniffer, I could detect a bit of "new shirt" smell, but a quick wash with unscented detergent solved that, and the shirt is still soft and friendly. Thank you, FCTRY, I wear it proudly!

Pelosi in pink is a winner and great reminder

I love my Pelosi action figure! She stands proudly with RBG on my desk ready and waiting for the next election, mask on reminding me not to get stupid about masking, harness my power, and use it wisely. Strong women in government and life will not be forgotten thanks to FCTRY.

Presidential Pair
Buffy Hoge
Great Birthday gift

Kamala and Joe made the perfect Birthday gift for a special friend. She placed the pair on a shelf facing the glass wall overlooking the hallway, has already received many positive comments and smiles.

It’s about Nancy

I have a growing set of these figures. I like how detailed the action figures are. They are well made and painted flawlessly. The actual person represented seems to shine through. I will purchase more in the future. In fact I have my eye on Georgia.

Nancy Pelosi Ltd Edition Action Figure

Love my Nancy Pelosi Ltd Edition Action Figure- she is a wonderful addition to my collection
She has an honored place in my home and a source of inspiration and
hope for all who honor powerful women who make change happen

Billie Jean King is the best!

I was thrilled to receive the BJK action figure, including her words of wisdom, from my lady tennis buddies. Immediately, I bought more for gifts to give my discerning tennis friends!

Elizabeth Warren

I received this action figure a while ago and I have to say that I love it. The facial features are spot on and looks just like her. She will be added to my to my Political group of action figures. Good purchase!

Love Billie Jean King!!!

I love all of these figures, and get compliments by everyone who sees them. They are a great conversation piece, and fun to have.

They did it again!

Love the Billie Jean King action figure. It fits right in with my growing collection of heroes and groundbreaking icons! It has the same great quality that FCTRY is known for.

I Dissent T-Shirt
Julia Hill
Great t-shirts

I ordered another I Dissent as a gift for a friend and an extra one for me AND a Nevertheless one for me!

Nancy Pelosi Action Figure
George Ann Watson
Yay, Nancy!!

She fits in perfectly with my other great figures! And I love her tiny mask!

Pope Francis welcomed.

The ten Factry figures on kathlake's bookcase cordially welcome their new partner, Pope Francis. Presidents Biden and Obama discuss policy for Ukraine while Bernie and the Vice President admonish the orange guy for his pro-Putin stance.

AOC Action Figure
Marcy Boyd
it's History !

What better way to keep you kids engaged and aware of the world figures around them -?- The action figures are well made and instantly recognizable. We always look forward to the new ones coming out!

Nancy prepared and as fierce and compassionate as she is.

I count myself lucky as an American who has had the pleasure of meeting and engaging with Speaker Pelosi on an issue dear to her heart, Equal Pay. Not only was she strikingly warm, but she was in charge, exuberant and committed. Her action figure is perfect. Her matching mask highlights her compassion for those affected by COVID-19, her leadership during the pandemic and her fabulous commitment to fashion. Her gavel reminds you that she is in charge and will hold you accountable. Perfection! She is in good company in my home!

The good Doctor...

I ordered two Dr. Fauci figures and they are great. Very inspiring, like the man himself. Great job!
PS: Now if you could make an action figure of Michael Cohen, my collection would be complete!

The Perfect Pair

This is the perfect pair to add to your collection. I LOVE them. :)


It is in my collection and is excellent as always!

Great collectible

Great little collectible. Well made, accurate depiction, easy transaction.

The Bromance Bundle
JoAnn Noonan
My Buds!

I love this duo! They are joining RBG and DR. Fauci. I admire them all! Wish I could afford them. ALL!

Obama Action Figure
George Ann Watson
Obama!! Yay!!

My little Obama figure is awesome and keeps company with the other 4 figures I got. I will probably add to the collection in the coming months.

The Bromance Bundle
Jennifer Kaufman
Bromance Bundle

I love these figures, and I miss them being together in the White House. They are now in my office with RBG and Dr. Fauci.

Never Disappointed

Nancy Pelosi & AOC are the latest additions to my personal collection. I've purchased 9 thus far for myself and at least 4 or 5 as gifts for others. Excited for Stacy Abrams to be available and once again ask that you consider Michelle Obama and Tammy Duckworth as future action figures. Thank You

RBG Action Figure
Betty Lewis

I am impressed with the figures and until recently, I did not know that they existed. Certainly a conversation starter. It is notable that the hands turn at the wrist. You have thought of everything. My only concern is the Kamala doll is a little unsteady.