Say Yes to Pelosi's Dress!

When last we spoke, you were helping us choose a non-profit cause to align with the Pelosi Action Figure. That was a noble pursuit. Today's mission is more of a guilty pleasure.

Let's decide what Nancy will wear when she makes her action figure debut!

As you can see, the dress has already been sculpted (sorry pantsuit people -- it was time for a change) and the choice we're now faced with is which color it will be. 

Be forewarned, it's easier said than done. Nancy has a way of making every color look iconic.

The options are below. You've seen the first one before but the rest are all brand new. When you get to the bottom, you'll be able to cast your vote. 


1. Flamingo Pink

2. Jet Black

3. Deep Blue

Deep Blue

4. Ivory

5. Bright Red

6. Magenta

7. Sky Blue


I love all the colors, but most of all the Ivory when all the strongest members of Congress wore white to show America how many women were elected and serving.

Kathleen Acker November 27, 2020

Royal blue for Democrats; but white for the suffrage movement.

Karen Rodden November 27, 2020

When is she coming out? Can’t wait! She can go.toe to toe with any Republican! Go.Nancy!

Carolyn Hieb November 27, 2020

a darker shade of blue.

Analise Rodrigues November 27, 2020

Please do Dr. Fauci!!!

Judy Reed November 27, 2020

Deep blue looks very Democratic!

Kathleen Mirassou November 27, 2020

This is so incredible. You guys do awesome work.

Patrick November 27, 2020

First thought power red but went for the deep blue-Democrat color!

Carol Frezza November 27, 2020

Color is optional, but she needs a scarf around her neck.

Nancy November 27, 2020

red — it’s a power color.

Barbara Laubenheimer November 27, 2020

Bright red for power.

Joan miller November 27, 2020

It’s obvious Nancy should be wearing ivory. She was wearing ivory when she ripped up #45’s state of the union speech.

Shey November 27, 2020

No shrinking violet.. red

Judy hayes November 27, 2020

Great color!

Jenny Silverman November 27, 2020

‘State of the Union’ white or deep blue are total winners!

Linda November 27, 2020

Red is a strong and powerful color just like Nancy Pelosi is a strong and powerful woman.

Bobbie November 27, 2020

I love her

Marcella November 27, 2020

Yeah, deep blue like the dress she wore when she leaned over the table to admonish the Republicans. I was going to pick white because of her shoes, but that didn’t match either.

Sharon L Donoghue November 27, 2020

Red harkens back to her famous moment in the coat and sunglasses, but I think it has to be Democrat Blue. Please change the shoes to black, no matter what color dress you chose.

Les November 27, 2020

Don’t forget the scarf, neck gaitor or mask around her neck!

Camille Ramlow November 27, 2020

The deep blue is the best one

Robin Simon November 27, 2020

Nancy looks good in any of the above!My chosen color adds peace and harmony!

Jacqueline November 27, 2020

Red-the true “power color”!

Dara Bross November 27, 2020

She should be wearing the red coat

Katherine November 27, 2020

Ivory just like when she was clapping for trump <3

Derek November 27, 2020

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